6 Fun Spanish Foodie Expressions

We spend a lot of time thinking about food what with it being a big topic in most of our Social Spanish Nights and in the first term of our  Social Spanish Beginner courses. So naturally, Marta put together some Spanish expressions that use food as their main metaphor! Here 6 of the most fun Spanish foodie expressions. 

Flirting and love

1. Ser mi media naranja. Literally: To be my half of an orange - to be your soul mate/perfect match.

When you meet someone that completes you perfectly you'd say: "Eres mi media naranja" (You complete me).

2. and 3. Estar más bueno que el pan / estar como un queso. Literally: To be tastier than bread/ to be a cheese - to be gorgeous.

A guy and girl are really into eachother:

Él - ¡Oye guapa, hoy estás como un queso! ;)

Ella - ¡Pues tú estás más bueno que el pan!


Him: Hey beautiful you’re lookin’ fine today!

Her: Well you’re lookin’ pretty hot yourself!

Attitudes and Emotions

4. Me importa tres pepinos. Literally: It's as important to me as three peppers - I don’t give a damn.

When you know something is happening but you don’t care. For instance:

- Ellos están hablando de ti.

- Me importa tres pepinos, pueden decir lo que les dé la gana. 


- They're talking about you.

- I don’t give a damn, they can say whatever they want.

5. Tener mala leche. Literally: to have sour milk - to be bad humoured

¡Qué mala leche tiene mi hermana! Se enfada por todo, no soporta ni una broma. 


My sister is so bad humoured! She gets angry at everything and can’t take a joke! 

6. Ponerse rojo como un tomate . Literally: go as red as a tomato - to turn as red as a beetroot

You might feel like this when you need to give a speech in front of a lot of people or go through an embarrassing situation.

- Cuando di mi discurso, me puse rojo como un tomate

- When I was giving my speech, I went as red as a beetroot.

Let us know if you have fun using these expressions!