Level 5 Course

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The Level 5 course will launch in June 2020.


Spanish cocktail making

If you love cocktails this night of exploring the flavours of Latin america will be a treat.  We'll discover the notes and flavours while exploring the cultivation techniques and stories behind a selection of cocktails to delight the palate. 

Shoreditch graffitti art trail

Your team will be put to the test in this challenge to give and understand directions as you search Shoreditch to find and describe a series of world class graffitti art in the heart of Shoreditch.

 Creative workshop and a performance - tbc

The best way to wrap up your achievement as you come to the end of the A2 level of the Common European Framework for Languages. In a carefully crafted workshop work with a team and a professional to create your own creative project.

By the end of Level 5 you will:

Describe life histories of important historical figures.
Describe events in the past that occur within film storylines.
Use a range of reactions and interaction perfecting intonation and accent.

The grammar

  • Use the imperfect tense and understand the differences with other past tenses 

  • Use double object pronouns

The vocabulary

  • Film critique and discussion of themes

  • Giving opions and discussing characterisation and emotions.

  • Temporal markers.

  • Flavours and influences.

  • Descriptions of stories in the past

Got questions? Read our FAQs or contact the team. 


Food/drink/specialist tuition expenses for social lessons not included | Costs for social lesson NOT included - £90+£2.75 processing fee for four social events payable before the start of the course.