Social Spanish Course: Beginner Level 2

Food/drink/specialist tuition expenses for social lessons not included | Additional cost per course for social lessons  is £75. 

What you'll get

  • Weekly lessons: classroom-based lessons combined with social, practical lessons* outside the classroom to learn and apply your skills; 
  • free access to our phone app for daily practice between lessons;
  • free access to our online platform for daily access messaging; 
  • feedback and attention from two teachers in every lesson;
  • Two teachers in every lesson with average - student teacher ratio of 1:8;
  • weekly home learning tasks and optional extra activities;
  • catch-up tasks if you miss a lesson;
  • the Stripey Spanish Passport: a unique self-assessment and reference tool to keep you aware of your progress.

By the end of Beginner Level 2 you will be able to:

  • Use a range of regular and irregular verbs to talk about your travel plans and your habits;
  • share information about your holidays and places you have visited;
  • use a wider range of expressions and structures to express yourself more flexibly; 
  • describe your health and lifestyle choices and talk about your body and fitness;
  • up your game with growing confidence in your speaking and listening skills interjecting and using survival phrases to be understood.
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The Social Lessons*

1.  Warm up your Spanish skills with a pub quiz

Beginner Spanish Lesson: Pub quiz

Start warming up your Spanish as you negotiate a variety of language in a good old pub quiz. Interact, exchange banter and show off your general knowledge skills - the only real way to get your language flowing!

2. Get moving with a Spanish ping pong night

Beginner Spanish Lesson: Ping pong

Mid-way way through the term we get you on the move again - this time sweating it out with Spanish interaction and intructions in a ping pong session. 

3. Explore traditional Mexican artefacts and Mexican food

Beginner Spanish Lesson: Restaurant

Culminate the course with a social Spanish lesson at a Mexican market with an exploration of indigenous artefacts and a Mexican meal.

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*Food/drink/specialist tuition expenses for social lessons not included | Additional cost per course for social lessons  is £75.