Social Spanish Course: Elementary Level 3

Food/drink/specialist tuition expenses for social lessons not included | Additional cost per course for social lessons  is £75+2.75 processing fee.


  • Weekly lessons: classroom-based lessons combined with social, practical lessons* outside the classroom to learn and apply your skills;

  • free access to our phone app for daily practice between lessons;

  • free access to our online platform for daily access messaging;

  • feedback and attention from two teachers in every lesson - average student teacher ratio of 1:8;

  • weekly home learning tasks and optional extra activities;

  • catch-up tasks if you miss a lesson;

  • the Stripey Spanish Passport: a detailed self-assessment and reference booklet to keep you aware of your progress.

By the end of Elementary Level 3 you should be able to:

  • Describe your ideal home and its contents;

  • give directions to your home;

  • Describe an environment in detail - dimensions, shapes, furniture and compare it with other spaces;

  • draft a text using a range of structures;

  • describe the people that you admire and ask probing questions about someone's personality and motivations in life.

  • Include the perfect past tense and the imperative mood to give commands.

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The Social Lessons*

Latin-American luxury chocolate tasting workshop

Fun social spanish lessons: hot choccie.jpg

Explore the distinctive flavours of single-origin chocolates from across Latin America and explore chocolate production in a cosy chocolate house in the heart of Islington. 

Immerse yourselves in a Spanish escape room challenge

Fun Spanish course: puzzle.jpg

A team escape room challenge is the perfect way to get you speaking and exploring environments, giving instructions and working through clues in Spanish.  

A Cuban music workshop

Fun Spanish courses: performance.JPG

Consolidate your learning and see your skills come together as you participate in a workshop designed to get you learning Cuban Spanish, playing the rythms and enjoying the soulful and exciting Rumba. This workshop is led by a world-class Cuban musician. 

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*Food/drink/specialist tuition expenses for social lessons not included | Additional cost per course for social lessons  is £75.