Social Spanish Courses start back 4 September


12 weeks | 1 hour 45 min lesson each week | 2 teachers in each lesson  

3 social experiences integrated with classroom-based learning  

Online portal and a learning app | Catch-up packs if you are away

 Tube: Old Street | £315

SUPER EARLY BIRD OFFER - £20 OFF before midnight 30 June. Code "SUPEREARLYBIRD"

Mondays | 7.45-9.30pm | 4 September - 27 November | Level 2

Wednedays | 7.45-9.30pm | 6 September - 29 November | Level  1

Thursdays | 5.45-7.30pm | 7 September - 30 November |Level 1

Want in? Enrol Now. SUPER EARLY BIRD OFFER - £20 OFF before midnight 30 June

Want a Spanish course that brings the lingo to life like no other? Speak Spanish within social experiences as you eat, drink and have fun; get attention from two teachers in each class and track your level in real time with our unique tool. This is a Spanish course like no other. 

Get your tickets for our next Social Spanish Night!

¡Vaya! This sounds great! What's it all about?

We've re-imagined Spanish lessons: We get you to cool London venues doing stuff you enjoy. It's just better that way. More social, more practical and more fun. 

Here's what people are saying 

“Fun and light-hearted way to learn basic words and sentences.  Recommended!!”

- Spanish + Tacos Night Attendee

“Great staff - also great guests. Good way to get back using Spanish. Good fun.”

- Spanish + Tacos Night Attendee

“The team are amazing, friendly, fun and really care about your development.

I had the best time - thank you so much. Gracias :)”

- Spanish + Pub Games Night Attendee

“Very good atmosphere & lovely team! Spread the love!”

- Spanish + Pub Games Night Attendee

“Amazing organisation, ran smoothly. Resources very useful, clear, professional.

Had fun. Looking forward to the next one.”

- Spanish Supper Club Guest

“Thank you so much for organising such a super cultural evening.

It really was like being on holiday in Andalusia.

I got to order in Spanish and chat with some new friends.  I will definitely come back.”

- Rosalind, Spanish Supper Club Guest

“I absolutely loved everything - the venue, the games, the food

and - oh, what a magical performance!!

Now I know where the real flamenco is in London.”

- Alex, Andalusia Alive Supper Club Guest

Venues + Collaborators