Student requests for refunds

Stripey Spanish (‘we’) will need to receive a written request for a refund from the student (‘you’) at least 96 hours before your course or Spanish Night is due to start in order to give you a refund of the cost.  

We must receive a written request from you via email:

We will retain 20% of the course or Spanish Night cost (tuition, enrolment and supplementary fees), with a minimum fee of £10.00 per course refunded.  This will be applied to cover the administration costs and the loss of potential income. 

Refunds due to a disability

We will give you a pro-rata refund for any sessions you have not attended if:

  • you are unable to participate in or attend your course due to your disability.
  • the nature of your course has adverse implications for you, due to your disability.

Cancelled courses and cancelled sessions

We will only cancel a course as a last resort, for example if a tutor is unavailable or if we are unable to recruit sufficient numbers needed for the course to run.  If we do need to cancel your course and cannot offer a suitable alternative, we will refund you in full.

If we need to cancel a single session of a course, we will try and make up the lost session in a ‘catch-up’ session.  

If we are unable to provide a catch-up session, or if you are unable to attend the catch-up session, we will provide you with a Stripey Spanish voucher for the value of the session lost.  

If a catch-up session or Stripey Spanish voucher is not a possible solution, we will offer a pro-rata refund for the single session as an exception.

Unfortunately, sometimes we have to cancel for reasons beyond our control and in these situations we cannot accept liability or issue refunds. Examples of this might include industrial action or severe weather.

Change of course date/time/content

If we need to change the date, time or content of a course, after you have enrolled, we will issue a full refund of the published fees if you cannot or do not wish to attend, or a pro-rata refund if some sessions have already been attended.  

We reserve the right to change our tutors and cannot issue a refund due to a change of tutor.  We guarantee a consistent quality of teaching for all our tutors. 

Refund requests that do not fall within the areas above

If we are unable to process a refund for you under the conditions above, we will review your deal with your request individually. 


We will transfer you from one course to another, within the same academic year, provided we have received a written request from you before the third session of your course takes place.

We must receive a written request from you via email:

If you choose to transfer to a more expensive course, we will need to take payment for the difference in fees one week you attend your new course.

If you choose to transfer to a less expensive course, we will retain the difference infee. 

If you are enrolled onto a course and we agree that it is not educationally appropriate (e.g. the level of the course is too high or too low), we will try and transfer you to a more suitable course provided we have received a written request from you before the fifth session of your course takes place.  We will refund any difference in fee unless you did not attend the pre-course assessment interview before enrolling.