Social Spanish Course: Beginner Level 1

No lessons during the week 23-27 October | Social lesson expenses not included.



  • Weekly 1 hour 45 minute lessons over 12 weeks (one week study break in the middle);
  • three social lessons as outings to learn new lingo and practise your skills; 
  • feedback and attention from two teachers in every lesson including a native-speaker;
  • small class sizes - a maximum of 18 students;
  • weekly home learning tasks and optional extra activities;
  • missing a  lesson? Get catch-up tasks;
  • the Stripey Spanish Passport: a unique self-assessment and reference tool to keep you in the driving seat.

The lingo you'll learn

By the end of Beginner Level 1 you should be able to:

  • use ordinary expressions to greet people and introduce yourself;
  • share information about your life and the people in it;
  • use everyday Spanish slang to give your opinions; 
  • give a range of reactions in conversation;  
  • use survival phrases to clarify the meaning and pronunciation of words; 
  • give your contact details and correct mis-spelling;
  • get to grips with practicalities: shopping including quantities and prices;
  • put your skills to practise in a restaurant over dinner.
Classroom day one.jpg

The Social Lessons

1. Kick off the course with sangria in a pub

Get speaking from socially from the get go in Week 1 with a social Spanish lesson at this gorgeous little venue in Angel. 

2. Learn to prepare amazing tapas and explore recipes

Mid-way way through the term we get you out again - this time to a kitchen where you will learn to prepare amazing tapas with an experienced chef and explore recipes in a central London cookery school. 

3. Show off your Spanish skills in a Latin restaurant over dinner

Get out to enjoy some of London's best Latin American cuisine while you use all the lingo learnt so far with a glass of vino in one hand - the only real way to review your progress!

Social lesson expenses not included.

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No lessons during the week 23-27 October

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