Speak real Spanish while you eat, drink and have fun. It's a new, better way to learn the lingo. 

Book now: Social Spanish Beginner Course - Level 1

EITHER Saturday 6 May - Saturday 29 July | 12 weeks | 3pm-5pm | Tube: Old Street | £300

OR Monday 8 May - Monday 31 July | 12 weeks | 7pm-9pm | Tube: Old Street | £300

Limited places - book early to and secure your chance to get speaking Spanish this May.

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Courses include

Three social outings integrated into the curriculum: a pub (drink included), a bookshop (snacks included) and a restaurant (meal included).

24 hours of face-to-face teaching over twelve weeks of two-hour lessons. 

- Teaching by a qualified teacher (with QTS).

- A native-speaking assistant teacher in every lesson. 

- Small class sizes.

- Two teachers in the classroom for more attention and feedback.

- Short weekly homework tasks and optional extra activities.

Catch-up tasks if you miss a lesson. 

Self-assessment and reflection frameworks to keep you in the driving seat of your learning.

Dates and Location

The classroom: WeWork Old StreetNearest tube: Old Street

The social venues: A set of central London venues. Nearest tubes: Angel or Tottenham Court Road

More Information

Social Spanish Course Beginner: Level 1

The first year of study has been carefully crafted to get you speaking Spanish from the get go. The year's course focuses on developing the skills of speaking and listening through interactive classroom activities and fun, social experience-led lessons in three venues each term including pubs, restaurants, and bookshops. 

After one term you'll be able to use common vocabulary and phrases to introduce yourself and the people around you, order food, give your opinions and talk about some of your typical experiences and over the year you will be well on your way to feeling more confident in a range of situations when speaking with supportive Spanish speakers.

What level will I reach?

Beginner: Level 1 + Level 2

At the end of the Beginner stage you will have reached A1 for speaking and listening skills in the Common European  Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The Beginner Level consists of two twelve-week terms.

You'll be able to interact in a simple way as long as the person you are speaking to is prepared to help. For example you will be able to:

- Use familiar everyday expressions (banter, simple responses, giving your opinion).

- Use very basic phrases to do simple things (order drinks, ask directions, pay for a meal, buy tickets, suggest an activity).

- Introduce yourself and your friends/family and talking a bit about yourself (your nationality, lifestyle, job, interests, plans). 

Elementary: Level 3, 4 + 5

At the end of the Elementary Level you will be spaeking and understanding at A2 in the CEFR. The Elementary Level is completed over four twelve-week terms.

- Three terms

- Twelve weeks per term

- Three social outings per term

At this level you will be more confident in managing in a range of set situations to do with practical and immediate situations including exchanging information, completing simple routine tasks and covering some practical conversational topics within social situations.

You will have: 

 - A wider range of knowledge about Spanish (including more tenses, vocabulary and structures) and apply these within prescribed settings. 

- More control over the language making sentences based on what you want to say within the limits of what you know.

Intermediate: Level 6, 7 + 8

- Level 7: 1 Twelve week term

- Level 8: A series of modules specialist grammar and topic based modules including  social outings.

You will have: 

 - A range of knowledge about Spanish (tenses, vocabulary and structures) and be able to apply these confidently within a range of settings

- Good control over the language and accuracy making sentences based on what you want to say with a range of scope.