Social Spanish Course: Beginner Level 4


  • Weekly lessons: classroom-based lessons combined with social, practical lessons outside the classroom to learn and apply your skills;

  • free access to our phone app for daily practice between lessons;

  • free access to our online platform for daily access messaging;

  • feedback and attention from two teachers in every lesson;

  • Two teachers in every lesson with average - student teacher ratio of 1:7;

  • weekly home learning tasks and optional extra activities;

  • catch-up tasks if you miss a lesson;

  • the Stripey Spanish Passport: a unique self-assessment and reference tool to keep you aware of your progress.

By the end of Elementary Level 4 you should be able to:

  • Use simple past tense and near future to describe events in the past.

  • Use dates and times to make travel plans.

  • Ask questions regarding routes and booking accommodation.

  • Form questions about the past.

  • Give a range of opinions and views about a dance lesson.

  • Describe impact, characters and plotline of a theatre performance.

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Four incredible Social Lessons

Peruvian ceviche cooking lesson*

If you love ceviche this night of exploring the discover the secrets from a master chef who will take you through the process of making this amazing dish while learning the stories behind a selection of Peruvian ingredients. 

Latin Dance lesson

We'll explore rythms and culture through a fun dance lesson designed to get you using your body and your Spanish!

Acting workshop*

Explore a rich Spanish text practising pronunciation and enjoy drama games to develop your spontanaeity and fluency in this expert-led acting workshop. 

Theatre trip*

Get ready for a night of brilliant theatre performed in Spanish. In this social night we’ll explore the text and learn key language from the play before enjoying a fantastic live Spanish performance. 

*These sessions will not take place on another day of the week.

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Food/drink/specialist tuition expenses for social lessons not included | Costs for social lesson NOT included - £93 for four events payable before the start of the course.  

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Your expenses for the three social classes are payable anytime before your first class. You can add them to your basket below.
The four social experiences cost a total of £93 including web processing fee covering for all four social classes. For the Level 4 course this expense covers:

- Ceviche masterclass with ceviche and a cocktail and expert tuition.

- Salsa class (drinks, extra tuition).

- Acting workshop (specialist tuition).

- Theatre trip (entrance fee).

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