Social Spanish Course: Beginner Level 4

Our Level 4 course begins in September 2018.


  • Weekly lessons: classroom-based lessons combined with social, practical lessons outside the classroom to learn and apply your skills; 
  • free access to our phone app for daily practice between lessons;
  • free access to our online platform for daily access messaging; 
  • feedback and attention from two teachers in every lesson;
  • Two teachers in every lesson with average - student teacher ratio of 1:8;
  • weekly home learning tasks and optional extra activities;
  • catch-up tasks if you miss a lesson;
  • the Stripey Spanish Passport: a unique self-assessment and reference tool to keep you aware of your progress.

By the end of Elementary Level 4 you should be able to:

  • Use the near future and simple and perfect past tense to situate actions with time to talk about historical events.
  • Use dates and times to make travel plans.
  • Ask questions regarding routes and book accommodation.
  • Form questions about the past.
  • Give a range of opinions and views about a live performance.
  • Describe flavours and cultivation techniques.
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The Social Lessons

Pub games

Learn your “escaleras” from your “serpientes” in a night where beer and board games meet - in Spanish. This social night is designed to whittle the competitive from the rest as we use each round to practise our Spanish banter and thirst for victory. 

Tapas and Jamón tasting night

Explore Spain’s gastronomic delights with a night of tasting a selection of cured meats and tapas paired, of course, with wine and Spanish conversation.  In this session we will explore the origins, preparation and hidden histories of jamón and leave with our bellies full. 


In this social night we’ll explore the text and learn key language from the play before enjoying a fantastic live Spanish performance. 

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Food/drink/specialist tuition expenses for social lessons not included | Costs per social lesson range £15-£30.