I’m learning Spanish to be able to communicate with my girlfriend’s family better (and to know what they’re saying about me!). I tried Duo-lingo in the past, but I kept falling out of practice. The weekly classes really give me structure and push me to stick to it. I was attracted to the Stripey Spanish courses because I didn’t want learning a language to be a chore, I wanted something that would motivate me to keep going, and it’s certainly done that!
Having two teachers (with different perspectives and accents) really helps and the social outings make the language come to life. It’s made learning fun again - certainly not like school!
— Thomas Clayton, Level 1 Course Spring 2017 Cohort

After trying to teach myself Spanish for a while, I decided to give the Stripey Spanish Level 1 course a go, and I’ve absolutely loved it! The amazingly encouraging teachers, the fun social activities and the warm atmosphere in the classroom make the weekly classes feel like you’re doing a language course abroad (just without the Spanish sunshine). The activities have really helped grow my confidence and the homework tasks are well planned to consolidate learning. I’m already looking forward to starting on Level 2!
— Victoria Pope, Level 1 Course, Spring 2017 Cohort

As I complete beginner, I was really nervous about starting Spanish lessons but both Carla and Victoria put me at ease straight away. We met in a private room in a pub for the first lesson which was a really great way to meet the others on the course and sip some sangria to take the nerves away. The classes are designed to stretch and challenge you each week whilst being supportive at the same time. A lot of thought has been put into the lessons and there is extensive material provided to keep you motivated out of session times. I wish I wasn’t away for the Level 2 course as this is something I would love to continue!
— Elissa Cray, Level 1 Course, Spring 2017 Cohort

I can honestly say that it’s the best language course. There is plenty of opportunity to learn Spanish in a very fun and social way with trips out into the real world as part of the course such as a class where you learn about the ingredients in a typical Spanish dish and at the end of the class you get to eat it. For our lesson it was a delicious Paella. Carla and Victoria are very passionate language teachers and this passion rubs off in the lessons which are well organised and focused. There is always plenty of feedback, encouragement and positivity to assist with your Spanish language learning. I have signed up to do level 2 and I’m looking forward to continuing with this marvelous language school.
— Rosalind Sherlock-Jones, Level 1 Course, Spring 2017 Cohort

I’m learning Spanish to have conversation with Spanish family and friends. I would highly recommend the Stripy Spanish course if you are looking for an entertaining way to learn Spanish. The two in-class teachers I experienced: Carla and Victoria, are excellent and the lessons are well structured and fun, with clear crib sheets, games and homework tasks using books and apps, to enable you to work on vocabulary, sentence structure and grammar learnt and practiced in class.
Most of the lessons are held in the welcoming WeWork space at Old Street where you can get a free drink and chat before the lesson starts and there are lessons out in restaurants, bookshops, a pub with activities to contextualise learning. The emphasis is on animated, creative ways to stimulate memory that really work! Playing games, seeing patterns, acting, tunes, interacting with others etc. All of this is underpinned by a structured course that covers grammar. Along the way there are also many additional social events you can participate in to practice socialising in Spanish.
— Laura Marr, Level 1 Course, Spring 2017 Cohort

I’ve really enjoyed the Stripey Spanish course because it involves three interactive outings which bring to life the things learnt in class. I also found the material provided to be practical and of high quality compared to other language courses I have done, additionally the course-specific Memrise app really helped me to practise and memorise what I learnt in class.
— Sarah Harwood, Level 1 Course, Spring 2017 Cohort