Elementary Level 4 | Thursday 11 October - Thursday 13 December | Time: 5.35pm - 7.05pm | 10 weekly lessons | Costs of social lessons NOT included | Times for social lessons vary: see FAQs

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Elementary Level 4 | Thursday 11 October - Thursday 13 December | Time: 5.35pm - 7.05pm | 10 weekly lessons | Costs of social lessons NOT included | Times for social lessons vary: see FAQs

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Are there additional costs?

Food/drink/specialist tuition expenses for social lessons not included. The additional cost for social lessons on the Level 6 course is £70-80. The total is payable before the start of the first lesson. 

There are two workbooks for the course (£12-£17 each).  

What level is the first course and do I need any particular skills?

The Level 6 course is for those at an intermediate level. Complete our level test to help place you.  

What's the teaching approach? 

The course is based on the communicative approach with a strong practical and social element. We also encourage meta-learning getting you to develop skills in how to learn a language and to be aware of your progress.  

  • We get you out to real places using the lingo from the get go;
  • the focus is on speaking and listening skills;
  • work in groups with others;
  • carry out projects to see your progress and apply your skills;
  • see the classroom come to life with games, role plays and real-life materials;
  • digital media and film used for learning;
  • use an online portal via an app on your smart phone for messaging between lessons;
  • benefit from peer and self-assessment alongside teacher-assessment to measure your progress;
  • you’ll be expected to participate in classroom activities and to complete home learning regularly.

What materials will I need?

You’ll need to buy two workbooks the start of the course.

What's so different about your courses?

On our courses, unlike any other language course in the UK, we integrate three social outings with classroom-based learning. Over the twelve-week course based in our Old Street offices we get you out to central London venues speaking Spanish and learning new lingo. We also get you learning with two qualified teachers in every classroom and provide you with a powerful self-assessment toool to track your own progress - the Stripey Spanish Passport. This course is like no other and is seriously shaking things up in the world of teaching - carefully crafted and implementing the best in language teaching approaches it's practical, social and effective. 

What level should I start with?

We offer Levels 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 with Level 5 set to start in 2019. Try our 10-minute level testto help determine which level you should begin with. 

What if I have to miss a lesson?

If you know you may have to miss one or two lessons we've got you covered! Built into our courses are special catch-up packs with resources and activities that we send in advance to those that know they will be away for one or two lessons. On top of that we have an app and an online platform which means you won't be too far from the action. 

However, if you think that you will miss more than two lessons contact us and speak to the crew about your options. 

How will my progress be assessed?

We believe quality feedback and assessment are important tools to propel you forward in your learning.We provide formative assessment in several ways on our courses:

1. Practical speaking role plays - the teacher listens to these and gives you written feedback at the end of the course giving you feedback across a number of key indicators of progress.

2. The 'Stripey Spanish passport'  has comprehensive self-assment guidance for you to measure your own ability and pinpoint areas you still need to work on.

3. Tests - simple vocab or grammar tests during the course.

What Level will I reach at the Elementary stage?

At the end of the Elementary stage (levels 3, 4 and 5) you will be speaking and understanding at A2 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).  At this level you will be more confident in managing in a range of set situations to do with practical and immediate situations including exchanging information, completing simple routine tasks and covering some practical conversational topics within social situations.

You will have: 

- A wider range of knowledge about Spanish (including more tenses, vocabulary and structures) and be able to apply these within prescribed settings. 

More control over the language making sentences based on what you want to say within the limits of what you know.

What's next?

After this course you'll be ready for Intermediate Level 6. Please enrol as soon as possible as spaces cannot be guaranteed.