Speak real Spanish while you eat, drink and have fun, more attention from teachers and track your level in real time. A Spanish learning experience like no other. 

12 weeks | 1 hour 45 min lesson each week | 2 teachers in each lesson  

3 social experiences integrated with classroom-based learning  

Online portal and a learning app | Catch-up packs if you are away

 Tube: Old Street | £315

Mondays | 7.45-9.30pm | 4 September - 27 November | Level 2

Wednedays | 7.45-9.30pm | 6 September - 29 November | Level  1

Thursdays | 5.45-7.30pm | 7 September - 30 November |Level 1

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On our revolutionary new Social Spanish Courses get set to start using the lingo practically from the get go.

What's So Different?

On our courses, unlike any other language course in the UK, we integrate three social outings with classroom-based learning. Over the twelve-week course based in our Old Street offices we get you out to central London venues speaking Spanish and learning new lingo. We also get you learning with two qualified teachers in every classroom and provide you with a powerful self-assessment toool to track your own progress - the Stripey Spanish Passport. This course is like no other and is seriously shaking things up in the world of teaching - carefully crafted and implementing the best in language teaching approaches it's practical, social and effective. 

Social Spanish Course: Beginner Level 1

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What's Included in Level 1?

  • Weekly 1 hour 45 minute lessons over 12 weeks (one week study break in the middle);
  • three social lessons as outings to learn new lingo and practise your skills; 
  • feedback and attention from two teachers in every lesson including a native-speaker;
  • small class sizes - a maximum of 18 students;
  • weekly home learning tasks and optional extra activities;
  • missing a  lesson? Get catch-up tasks;
  • the Stripey Spanish Passport: a unique self-assessment and reference tool to keep you in the driving seat.

The Lingo You'll Learn

By the end of Beginner Level 1 you should be able to:

  • use ordinary expressions to greet people and introduce yourself;
  • share information about your life and the people in it;
  • use everyday Spanish slang to give your opinions; 
  • have exchanges over meals; 
  • give a range of reactions in conversation;  
  • use survival phrases to clarify the meaning and pronunciation of words; 
  • give your contact details and correct mis-spelling;
  • get to grips with practicalities: shopping including quantities and prices;
  • put your skills to practise in a restaurant over dinner.

Location: Old Street (tube: Old Street) and three central London venues (tube: Angel or Tottenham Court Road).

Level: This course is suitable for complete beginners and those with less than ten hours of study.


The Social Outings: Beginner Level 1

1. Kick off the course with sangria in a pub

Get speaking from socially from the get go in Week 1 with a social Spanish lesson at this gorgeous little venue in Angel. 

2. Enjoy amazing tapas and explore recipes in a bookshop

Mid-way way through the term we get you out again - this time tasting incredible tapas prepared by a fantastic in-house chef and getting into foodie language in a central London bookshop and cafe. 

3. Show off your Spanish skills in a Latin restaurant over dinner

Get out to enjoy some of London's best Latin American cuisine while you use all the lingo learnt so far with a glass of vino in one hand - the only real way to review your progress!

The Social Spanish Course: Beginner Level 2

At the end of the Beginner stage you will have reached A1 for speaking and listening skills in the Common European  Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The Beginner Level consists of two twelve-week terms.

At the end of Level 2 you'll be able to interact in a simple way as long as the person you are speaking to is prepared to help. For example you will be able to:

- Use familiar everyday expressions (banter, simple responses, giving your opinion).

- Use very basic phrases to do simple things (order drinks, ask directions, pay for a meal, buy tickets, suggest an activity).

- Introduce yourself and your friends/family and talking a bit about yourself (your nationality, lifestyle, job, interests, plans). 

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Elementary: Level 3, 4 + 5

At the end of the Elementary Level you will be spaeking and understanding at A2 in the CEFR. The Elementary Level is completed over four twelve-week terms.

- Three courses

- Twelve weeks per course

- Three social outings per course

At this level you will be more confident in managing in a range of set situations to do with practical and immediate situations including exchanging information, completing simple routine tasks and covering some practical conversational topics within social situations.

You will have: 

 - A wider range of knowledge about Spanish (including more tenses, vocabulary and structures) and apply these within prescribed settings. 

- More control over the language making sentences based on what you want to say within the limits of what you know.

Intermediate: Level 6, 7, 8 and 9

- Level 6: 1 Fourteen week course

- Level 7, 8 and 9: A series of modules specialist grammar and topic based modules including  social outings.

You will have: 

 - A range of knowledge about Spanish (tenses, vocabulary and structures) and be able to apply these confidently within a range of settings

- Good control over the language and accuracy making sentences based on what you want to say with a range of scope.